Pueblo Serena

Inspired in an old Mexican town, the commercial complex takes community as its core element to create a space deeply anchored in the architecture and surrounded by nature.

Pueblo Serena

During the project the design team worked in coordination with the architects and landscape designers to achieve the best integration with the spatial elements.

Diverse applications were designed, such as environmental graphics applied to latticework, illuminated hanging signs and level directories for every area.

As part of the scope of the project, a series of pieces of furniture were designed to complement the spaces: Kiosks for the sale of products, cycloports, a set of modular benches and trash bins.

Next Project

Estadio Omnilife

With a capacity of 45 thousand assitants, Omnilife Stadium was designed by french studio Jean Marie-Massaud / Daniel Pouzet. Pólvora was comissioned to design a wayfinding and signage project that could direct visitors safely and efficient.