One&Only Mandarina

Welcomed by a tropical jungle and braced by the Pacific Ocean, Mandarina, Mexico is the chosen destination for One&Only latest project, whose resorts are known for being located in unsurpassable, exclusive and inspiring places throughout the globe. This exotic venue, rich with history, culture and nature deserved a signage project that reflected this expectation, offering a unique experience for its visitors by reinterpreting local techniques and materials with iconic designs. Our multidisciplinary design team explored options together with artisans to materialize the concept and its execution.

One&Only Mandarina

The project required the design of more than two thousand carefully located signs, in coordination with architecture, landscape and lighting specialists. The scope included all corporate signage for the front of house, back of the house, roads and trails, room signage, amenities, and restaurants.

The natural and cultural assets of the site offered a unique opportunity that challenged the industry’s traditional solutions. Our proposal consisted in ​​reinterpreting local artisan techniques and materials by developing “objects” that communicate beyond their primary function and contribute to an immersive and engaging experience.

At the arrival building guests are greeted by a large scale casted brass sign, placed in a semi-open space that subtly reflects the lights from the jungle and sky. The letters have an uneven surface inspired in the sand shapes after the waves. To achieve this effect every letter was sanded, polished and finished by hand.

With the help of master artisans, the team developed a dark ceramic varnish that under specific heat conditions achieves a unique and discrete texture. This varnish was applied to round ceramic plates of various sizes, striving for a flawless execution and a celebration of imperfection thus making every piece unique.

Engraved graphics reveal the core of the ceramic discovering its natural inner color.

The number at the entrance of the villas is a molten bronce hanging bell designed by Studio CLL as an acoustic icon to announce visitors. The design team interviened the bells integrating the room number, keeping the entrances of the villas as clean as possible without additional elements.

Interiors signage was subtle applied to walls avoiding the use of plates or other disruptive elements in the architecture.

Straying from the typical hang-in-knob card, the studio designed a wood handle that guests use to blocks the villa’s entrance. The wooden piece is weaved by actual Huichol artisans on colored threads, turning the DND into an authentic art piece that guests touch and feel with their own hands.

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